We are a Virtual Church for all those who practice the craft.

Our main focus and strength is to provide a safe place, and collective of ideas for all of those who practice forms of witchcraft and mystical spirituality.

Eclectic, Wiccan, to a Christian Witch we support you.

As a whole group and under the church we consider ourselves “Mystical Christians / Christian Wiccans”

All we ask is that we are United and Respectful to each of our own paths of Christian spirituality.

We are on the look out for New Ministers!

Please email drpetersousa@gmail.com for information on ministering or becoming volunteer clergy.

We follow the Spiritual Rule of 5

  1. Empower your Spirit and Soul through intuitive actions.
  2. Respect every living being and the earth.
  3. Never harm and never seek out evil.
  4. Seek knowledge and disapline.
  5. Conduct and teach others ritual, prayer, and spiritual growth.

We are a legal and registered Church in the United States.

We do have Church books available with new literature coming soon.

Easy Eclectic Wicca Vol 1: by Dr. Peter Sousa. aka Psychic Reader Peter Kindle Edition

We will be creating an online library of free pdf books and resources for everyone soon.

We support all faiths and in support of the LGBT community.

Blessed be!

Church of New Enchantment